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How lovely, what is it ?

Please can anyone tell me what this plant is - I wonder if it is a Hebe Morning Glory but not sure.image



  • Type of gentian, possibly G. andrewsii, which I think is North American. 


  • Joyce21Joyce21 Posts: 15,489

    Yes - Gentian. . . likes ericaceous soil and would benefit from a bigger pot.

    Dies back in winter.

    SW Scotland
  • PalustrisPalustris Posts: 4,297

    Now I would say that it was the Willow Gentian, Gentiana asclepiadea which is a European plant. Likes a deep rich organic soil, in sun or light shade.

  • Except that willow gentian flowers open, whereas bottle gentian flowers remain tight at the tops. Having said that, bottle gentian is more unusual, but I'm sticking with it!


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  • Thanks everyone for responding.  I've only just taken up gardening properly and so got a lot to learn.

    I've looked up both suggestions and my plant is, I believe,  the bottle gentian - the flowers do not open up they're more like nodules and the end of the stalk.  I can't remember where I got it from, had it a couple of years now, there's no label, but it is very beautiful in flower.

    The pot is 10" across but looks smaller due to the angle of the camera, but I'm happy to repot it into a bigger one.  

    So please should I repot it now?  Or wait till the Spring?  And should I use ericaceous compost as suggested?

    Thank you so much for your kind help.


  • Spring now. It won't make up enough root to take up excess wet now so potentially would be sitting in soggy compost over winter which would cause the roots to rot and kill the plant.


  • OK many thanks, I'll do it in Spring


  • Gentiana Andrewsii - looking poorly.  Please can anyone tell me what to do ?

    I repotted end of March into ericaceous compost and it was looking good mid July.

    While I was on holiday my neighbour kept an eye on my plants but there was a lot of heavy rainfall during the 3 weeks I was away.

    The leaves are turning brown with cream/tan spots and blotches, and the plant just looks sorry for itself.

    Could it be over-watering, fungus or virus ?  Is there anything I can do to save it - it is so beautiful in bloom.

    Pictures are 1 before and 2 after.

    Many thanks if you can help me.


  • Joyce21Joyce21 Posts: 15,489

    Irene - mine goes like that every year. I cut the stems back yesterday

    SW Scotland
  • And it will regrow again next year ?

    I'm in the north west of England, where about are you ?

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