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    Oooooh, aym280, I hope I DONT deserve a "comeupance", I dont think Ive ever been mean to anyone, all my patients said how kind and lovelly I was.  But comeuppance or Karma is what Hubby said, there is a certain chaps he works with, whose silliness isnt appreciated, (you know the type goes beond a joke, and makes people annoyed) well, he says to Hubby yesterday, after looking at him face "oooh, have you been in a fight?", so hubby says, "no, had a cancerous growth removed", guy, laughs says, "thats a joke, right?", Hubby no, serious", guy, embarrassed, and apologies!!!  Hubby likes a joke, in fact, his favorite, is to hide in wardrobes and behind things, he doesnt go "boo" or anything, just calming comes out, gets us every time.

  • Nanny BeachNanny Beach Posts: 8,717

    Behave yourself aym280, the swelling is going down, he can eat and drink, but of course hes lost some tissue, so its tight.  Are they mossy bites, where are they?

  • Nanny BeachNanny Beach Posts: 8,717

    Ive NEVER been likened to a Nun before.  Yes, perhaps you should get the bites looked at.  Maybe you are seriously allergic, How long ago were you bitten.  (Be glad its not 150 ears ago, apparently, the Marshes that are now Essex, carried Maleria! )because they arent usually that bad.  I am allergic to ant bites, I can easily get a swelling the size of your hand.  Some years back the GP thought I had a DVT my leg couldnt swell anymore,then he found the bite mark on my calf.  I got bitten on my lower leg a couple of years back by a horse fly, within a day, my leg was huge itchy/painfull, and I knew I had cellulitus, went to the local ED who said if I had left it a couple more hours, I would have been admitted for IV antibiotics!

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