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i collected this as seed in Madeira two years ago and it is about to flower for the first time. I think the flowers might be red. Any ideas?


  • CeresCeres Posts: 2,286

    It looks like a caryopteris. Possibly.......................

  • Papi JoPapi Jo Posts: 3,861

    @ KeenOnGreen,

    Why not wait for the flowers before asking for ID? image

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  • Look at leonotis leonurus. 


  • Thanks all you got it right. It's such a distinctive shape I didn't want to wait for the flower to appear before posting. I'm dismayed to read it's a half hardy annual. It's taken me two years to get it to this size and I'm worried that frosts aren't that far away. If I pop it in the greenhouse for winter do you think it would survive, or is expecting an annual to live for three years too much?

  • Well if you can get seed to germinate once, you can do it again!  However, it may require a longer summer than we can give it to set seed, so the greenhouse might have to be the answer. 


  • I used the only seeds I had, and this was the only one that germinated.  The greenhouse it is!

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