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Edible hedges, trained fruit trees and herbal ground cover...


I've been creating an edible front and back garden in my fairly small garden in Hertfordshire now for 6 years and this week I've been having a look back on ways I've tried to get edible plants in without losing the look of the garden or turning it all over to an allotment. With the kids' toys, a lawn and shed, I've had to combine ornamental and edible planting. Here's a bit about how I've been getting on with edible hedges, herbal ground cover, trained fruit trees and edible flowers...

How do you fit edibles into small gardens? Do you think it's possible to have a productive garden without losing the beauty along the way? I'd love to know how other gardeners go about the challenge as I'm always looking to put new plants and ideas into the garden.

Thanks :)


  • So many of our 'vegetables' are ornamental and, in fact, runner beans were just that, grown as ornamentals prior to the use of the pods.  The coloured forms of chard are spectacular in a herbaceous border, too. Fruit trees, too, are very useful for their sometimes breathtaking shows of flower early in the year.  However, I love to see a well ordered allotment style veg garden (perhaps with rows of flowers in it), too.  Your post today just shows how useful, varied, attractive and interesting our gardens can be.


  • Thanks H-C. I agree there is a beauty in a good allotment plot - although not in mine at the moment as we're only 5 months in! The only downside is the size of many modern gardens where so many other things are also wanted in the plot too.

    I also agree that fruit trees are one of the most attractive things that you can plant in a garden - so many plus points. image

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