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Can you help me to identify these plants pleaseimageI think the first is some type of anemone - it is just a single flower on a very short stem - I didn't plant it, it just appeared under another shrub.imageimageThe second picture was only part way through flowering - there werestill plenty of unopened buds.  I think the 3rd picture is Verbena?imageTimageThe last two pictures are the same plant - it looked like a Heather but it isn't one that I know - but it also looked almost succulent....?? Thank you


  • DimWitDimWit Posts: 553

    The second flower is Scaevola aemula, the shrub looks like Grevillea lanígera...

  • My goodness, you are brilliant. Thanks so much for naming these plants.  They were all growing within a few hundred metres of each other and looked lovely in the sunshine.

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