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Pennisetum Fireworks needs repotting

Ah!   Aym, you clearly didnt heed the pennisetum rubrum thread a couple of weeks back??? image

All the rubrum types, including Fireworks, are TENDER.  

I have a few growing here and they will be fine for another few weeks here but further north and east the colder weather will damage them.

so, no, do not repot them aym.  Don't plant in the ground now.  You need to watch fhe temperatures and bring Fireworks indoors before any chance of frost touching them.  It is not just frost but cold weather .....anything less than 4 degrees is harmful. 

Sorry aym but it's an indoors job for them soon image

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  • Hello Verdun, how are you doing I planted one back in the summer,it says full sun well drained, doesnt mentioned being tender at all.

  • So in the greenhouse then?We are also in a pretty mild area, I had some scented palargoniums overwinter quite happily outside in pots, they are in flower now, that wasnt deliberate!   I was ill for some time and they didnt get dug up, tried to find the earlier thread, not sure where to look?

  • Yup fine now thank you, aym280, that sounds exactly like the spot where my pelargomiums are. My neighbours must think I am barmy because unless we have torrential rain with wind blowing on them, they stay bone dry, and I will be out in the rain watering, occassionally they get moved out, but the are heavy concrete pots.

  • Verdun I also bought a Panicum Virgatum warrier, this was from a specialist nursery, Hubby says its the same as the pennisetum, have looked at pics on various sites, some the leaves look the same, some the flowers look completely different.  You cannot blow the pics up for a beter look, but as I said this was a specialist nursery, so I would not have thought the guy would put the wrong label on the thing, am worried now, this is a new bed, and I am a grass "virgin"

  • I have just had a good look, I can see what has happened Hubby has put the Panicum label on a Penniesitum, not sure what varety, not Fireworks.

  • I also got my fireworks in homebase sale, the other came from the specialist, so the label has gone, it isnt as red/pink as the firework.So other half outside lst night (hes not well, was meant to be having op last Friday, cancelled because of cough, so bear with sore head doesnt even begin to describe!!!) I have 2 pink callas in that bed, so he "So that 4 things that have to be dug up then"

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