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Clematis confusion

Hi all,

I've heard alot of people saying that clematis are normally cut back at this time of year. However the rhs website is confusing me and I can't find any similar advice on websites.

I am confused

Could someone please explain what I should do to my group 2 clematis plants at this time of the year?

I have multi blue and jackmanii, they are quite young.

Thanks in advance 


  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Posts: 36,196

    You prune these in late Winter early Spring but you can give them a light 'tidy up' soon after they flower. I would leave them alone for now and as they are young they shouldn't need a too severe pruning at the beginning of next year.

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  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,145

    You shouldn't.    Group 2s are pruned lightly after their first flush of flowers in May/June if they need to be kept in bounds plus some dead heading to stimulate a second flush of flowers in late summer.  Giving them a good feed in early spring and at the June prune also promotes flowering

    You can find all sorts of info about pruning groups and individual clematis on this site - 

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  • Are they big plants with plenty of stems or the iffy-squiffy small plants from 7 cm. pots ?

  • Thank you for your replies,  this is precisely what I thought too, before I heard otherwise from a couple of sources.

    Richard, I bought them as the iffy tiny 7cm plants and potted them on for 1 year.

  • That's good. You can prune them hard back now and that will give you more flowering stems for the future, or as the previous posters have said, tidy them up after they have flowered in May/June.

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