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Pots with autumn colour...some ideas please

Not sure if this question is best here or the garden design section.

I want to make up a couple of pots with some autumn flowering colour. I've had autumn flowering Crocus in the garden for years, purple pink in colour and I've transferred some to small plastic pots. My dad gave me a large plastic pot full of Nerine bulbs, pink, which are in the middle of flowering now & about 2ft high.

So I want to use these along with a third plant in a couple of large pots...say 2ft across approx. My plan is to have an outer ring of the Crocus...then and inner ring of the Nerine which surronds a third plant. Something with a bit of height against the Nerines.

But I don't know what that third plant can be...any suggestions???

I want something to go with or against the pink of the Crocus & Nerines. I'm happy with just something that has foliage but I don't want it getting too tall...about 3ft in height maximum. I had thought about a Cordyline but they seem to get a bit too big. Also I don't want to have the pots to big and heavy as I've got to move them about the garden.

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