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I have successfully grown foxgloves and delphiniums from seed.  Have nice plants    Do i need to put them in the ground before winter ?  Or will they keep in a cold greenhouse till nextcyear ? 


  • CeresCeres Posts: 2,160

    They should be in the ground. I think plants stand a better chance of surviving frost and snow if their roots are protected by a duvet of soil rather than being less well protected in a pot. And they will be less likey to pick up something nasty lurking in the glasshouse. I don't think it matters how clean you keep a greenhouse, there is always some pest or disease waiting to take advantage in slightly warmer conditions. Thoughts from a paranoid gardener.

  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,538

    Foxgloves I would get in the ground. `they do not need mollycoddling.

    Delphiniums I have to resort to potting and keeping under cover. I find if I leave them in the ground the slugs decimate them. I grow them on into large pots before I plant out to give them a chance.

  • Foxgloves need to be in the ground and are completely hardy.  However, I would definitely overwinter the delphiniums in pots where you can gain some control over slugs which will absolutely decimate small delphiniums in the ground, so much so that you'll probably never see them again..  Grow them on into quite large plants, re-potting if necessary in late spring then plant them out in early summer. 

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  • Thanks very much  i didnt know that delphiniums were so tasty to slugs 

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