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Buddleia Buzz Care

Hi all,

Well, the first summer of my buddleia buzz went reasonably well. All 3 flowered. Some more than others. I'm expecting better in year 2 :)

Anyhow, what do I do with them now for winter? I've chopped off dead flower heads. What should I do between now and next summer with these plants to ensure they survive and also flower even more next year?



  • Verdun says:


    although it is autumn now I would repot your Buzz.  

    Mine...Ivory and Magenta...are in the ground and have grown to 5'.  

    Buzz needs better soil than the usual Davidiis so you could plant them out.  If you want to continue to grow in pots you will need a john innes compost. 

    They are hardy so fine outside.  Prune back in spring to establish a nice open shape.  All the real work is best done in spring including a mulch of dried manure/ compost and fish blood and bone. image

    See original post


    Repot them into much bigger pots and leave outside for winter? Then prune back in spring?

    Not sure I have anywhere for them in garden. The idea was to keep them as patio plants. Guess I need to get bigger pots :) Thanks.

  • Argh. I've forgotten to do anything to them. Is it too late??

  • TigrahTigrah Posts: 125

    Winter can be a good time to move and repot plants as they are still dormant before they get growing in the spring image

  • Repotted them a month ago into bigger plastic pots with fresh compost. They look happy. This is where they will stay for the next year. I've not done any trimming though as unsure what I should do.

    I'm rubbish on sizes so can't say exactly what size pots they are in now but what size pots should be their final resting place for plants like this? I've no intention of putting them in the ground so I need to invest in good quality stone pots for them to enjoy their lifetimes in now. What size do people reccomend to keep a buzz content for years to come?

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    There they are currently ^^^ :)

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