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Allium Giganteum opinions

PerkiPerki Posts: 2,327

Anyone grow this variety? just wondering if there worth trying. Are they as good as gladiator. 


  • I've got gladiator, Christophii, purple sensation, globemaster and have just bought giganteum, Mount Everest and also the GW 100 allium offer.

    Gladiator grew pretty well for me and I've also bought more of these, but I wanted to try giganteum as the flower heads look a lot larger and more purple than gladiator.

    So can't really say how worthwhile giganteum is but I'm looking forward to seeing them grow :-).

  • PerkiPerki Posts: 2,327

    That's the same reason I am think of trying giganteum. I got mount everest and gladitor from lidl last year and i got a few more this year very cheap £1.69 for 2 bulbs or £3 for 4 bulbs image v good bulbs as well. Giganteum are quite expensive where did you get your from Andy?

  • From Crocus.  £9 for 3 I think.  Currently a 20% sale on for another 11 hours or so.

    I got that Lidl deal last week for gladiator and Mount Everest :-).

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