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I was just about to plant some Ranunculus corms today when I decided to watch a video on the correct way to plant them. Not only are they odd looking but they have to be soaked overnight, which I didn't know. How many people I wonder just plant them raw from the packet. Although there was some information regarding size, depth etc. on the packet of corms, soaking was not mentioned. If you have grown these lovely buttercup family flowers did you soak the corms overnight and how successful were your plants.  I am planning to grow mine in large concrete pots to flower next Spring. I thought they would make a colourful change from daffodils.



  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Posts: 36,185

    I've just planted Anemone Blanda corms after soaking them for about 18 hours until they were plump. I tried as far as possible to plant them all on their sides as it is difficult to tell which way is up image

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  • They will have plenty of time to soak in the ground, so it seems pointless to me!

  • Ladybird I planted some Anemone Blanda a few weeks ago and also soaked them. I am not sure if it makes a difference or not to the corms but as you say they plump up when soaked, does that give them a head start on those that are planted dry - I am not sure but the exhibition grower on the video I watched recommended soaking. You may be right Alan - perhaps I should plant one pot of soaked and one pot of dry corms to see which (if either) is more productive.

  • WelshonionWelshonion Posts: 3,114

    Mine were not soaked and they've been in for three years now and they come up Spring after Spring.

  • I love Ranunculus, especially the white variety. Planted lots in pots a few years ago... didn't soak, one flowered and haven't seen it since! perhaps I'l try again, but soak first!

  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Posts: 36,185

    It gives them a head start GD.

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  • Yes, I am thinking that too Ladybird - I need all the luck I can get in this garden - so I will be soaking them overnight tonight - providing the weather forecast is good for working in the garden tomorrow. If you do soak and plant some more Ranunculus sthindngrower, then do let us know if they are more successful than your last batch, after soaking them.

  • Update!!!

    I soaked all of a bag of 15 white Ranunculus and because I wasn't ready to plant up my pots for spring, temporarily planted them individually in plastic 3" pots. all have germinated and re growing well!!!

    Hooray for a vision of white in spring!

    thanks for the tips GWers!

  • I planted up two pots a few weeks back, one lot of 15 were soaked for 24 hours, the other 15 went in dry, as a kind of experiment, both lots were planted in concrete pots and left outside, surprisingly, the unsoaked ones have all germinated and are growing well, and no sign of the soaked ones (I'm not actually sure what this experiment proves lol)

    will they be safe to leave outside over winter? Or put into an unheated garage? 

  • Oh heck Brickman0430, you have squashed my hopes of a good crop - I soaked ALL of mine, and they are doing very little - a few have germinated but not as many as I had hoped. Mine are all outside but in pots, and I wasn't planning on putting them inside - should I? 

    What is your secret stlndgrower? Magic compost? Did you put the pots in a sheltered spot or indoors?

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