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Problem with tree (Rowan I think).

Hello. I think our tree is a Rowan and this summer around August started to turn brown (some leaves).

Also I noticed sap was coming out. 

Any idea of the cause and the remedy?

I have attached some pictures.

Thank you for your help.





  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Posts: 36,869

    Your tree is looking rather poorly and there are some quite nasty wounds on its trunk as well as what appears to be some kind of fungal attack under the bark. I don't actually know what it is but the tree seems to be on its way out. Sorry I can't be more definite and maybe someone else on here can give you more positive advice.

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  • Thank you Ladybird4. Any more ideas/information from anybody else?

    Thank you.

  • Hi Edlonton!

    It looks like Cytospora canker; it's a fungal disease, and the airborne fungus enters the tree through damaged areas of bark.  This might include a cat sharpening its claws on the trunk, damage by a strimmer, lawn mower etc, or branches rubbing together.

    If the damage was just in the branches, you could prune out the damage (in winter).  The recommendation on the Internet is to sterilise your pruning tools before and after cutting, using a 1:9 chlorine bleach:water solution.  You should burn the prunings.

    Keeping the tree growing as well as possible (watering and feeding, and reducing competition over the roots) helps it to overcome the disease.  However, I fear for your tree because the photo of the trunk shows it already has a lot of cankers right near the bottom... I rather fear it may not survive.  Sorry!

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  • I'm afraid I agree with Liriodendron and think the damage at the base spells the end for your tree and would recommend you have it felled.  The good news is that Rowans are easy to get, fast growing and there are now a lot of varieties to choose from so you could plant another to replace it.  Try to see it as an opportunity rather than a loss. image

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