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Unidentified Ceanothus


We are moving house and in our current garden there is a beautiful (albeit poorly trained) ceanothus which seems to flower all year round! Perhaps that is mostly due to the sunny position, but I have long harboured the ambition of layering it to get a duplicate. Unfortunately we have now run out of time.

Would love to know if it is possible to identify the variety and therefore buy another plant like this for our next garden.

Thank you!



  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 10,953

    Not sure which you have, but why not take some cuttings.

    Found this - 

    The RHS Propagation guide suggests taking a 4" heel cutting in summer. 
    Find a healthy sideshoot and carefully tear it away from the parent 
    plant so that it comes away with a sliver of bark - this is the 'heel' 
    of the cutting. Using a clean, sharp knife, trim the heel so that just 
    a short spur remains. This heel contains the growth hormones which 
    encourage rooting. Use a standard cuttings compost, and provide a humid 
    atmosphere (a clear plastic bag secured over the pot will do) to reduce 
    stress on the cutting. It is also important to shade the pot from 
    strong sunlight.

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  • For long-flowering, C. 'Blue Mound' and C. x burkwoodii are the best, but neither of those has the right flower.  C. 'Concha' looks the best match for the flower.


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