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Tree fungus identification

Could anyone tell me what this fungus is growing at the base of my rowan/sorbus tree? I'm worried it's honey fungus.



  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,306

    It's not honey fungus but fungi tend to grow on dead/dying wood rather than healthy living wood so isn't a good sign

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  • not honey fungus, looks like dryad's saddle fungus?, if you can take photo's of underneath it'll make identifying easier

  • I attach a picture of honey fungus for info. 


  • Thank you everyone for your responses, really relieved to know it's not honey fungus.

  • Do keep an eye on the tree though.  As Nutcutlet says, bracket fungi growing from the trunk means that the heartwood of the tree is rotting and this will weaken it, eventually to a point where the wind could bring it down.  However, from the photo it does look like a large root has been severed in the past and it could just be that dead root which is producing the fungi.

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  • Hi, just found this in the hedge as fallen from tree above. Large, about 30 Cm across. 
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