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We have noticed some Verbenas in flower recently.  One group were approx 4 - 5 feet tall and the other were just a few inches tall - both types were purple/mauve.  What would they be called and do Verbena come in other colours.  I read that they are one of the most attractive flowers for bees and butterflies.



  • The tall one could be verbena bonariensis and the smaller one could be verbena rigida. Those are the only two I know as I've only come across them this summer. Mine are covered in bees and butterflies. Because it flowers well into late autumn it's an important source of nectar for the bees and butterflies when other flowers have died off.

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  • Thanks Bright star and Verdun, I have made a note of these names on my seeds for next year list which is far too long already!  I have just ordered a Suttons seed catalogue and will look for the names you have mentioned in it.  I am trying to introduce as many insect friendly (not slug friendly) plants into the garden next year.  I wonder if any of these Verbena's will do well in pots or containers.

  • Oh Verdun, you are responsible for my seed list getting even longer now!  I have to admit I had never heard of agastaches but I have just googled them and they tick all the boxes for insect attraction and would be a bonus growing somewhere near what I hope will be a lovely pond next Spring/summer. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Hang on Verdun - if you are trying to tempt me with all these varieties,  you are making a darn good job of it!

    Do you buy your agastaches as mature plants or grow them from seed? If from seed do you sow now or in the Spring?  You say liquorice, mint, lemon etc. etc. you make them sound like the contents of the sweet shop - I can't wait to sample them.

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    I've just bought seeds for an orange agastache for the new 'hot' border GD.  I don't normally do perennials from seed but I decided to do it for this part of the garden. I may live to regret it   image

    I find Verb bonariensis easy from seed, and then take cuttings from it when I trim the plants back in spring.

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