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Plant suggestions please!

Hello everyone!

I am new here, and new to gardening - I have no idea what I'm doing! I have successfully grown sweet peas from my own seeds this year, so am inspired to continue!

I have some tubs and troughs on my decking, and a little box on the wall, and I would like to plant some winter flowering plants to cheer me up during the miserable colder months.

My online research indicate that violas, cyclamen and certain pansies might be best for my situation, and my partner bought me a cheap bedding pack containing a viola and a wallflower yesterday.

However, any advice regarding easy to grow plants that will flower during the winter would be appreciated. They would be fairly well protected, being right by the house, but hardiness would be a bonus as I'm new to gardening.

I'm in the West Midlands of the UK, in case that makes any difference.



  • CeresCeres Posts: 2,293

    If you can get your hands on some wallflower Sugar Rush, they will flower in autumn and spring, and all through the winter if it is mild enough.

    Heuchera give year round colour. The flowers are nothing to write home about because the plants are grown for the foliage which comes in numerous mouthwatering colours. The only problem with these is the dreaded vine weevil larva which loves to chew through the roots but these plants can be rescued and grown on again and can last for years. They glow on miserable winter days and lift the spirits.

    Some grasses look great in the winter. Trot down to your local garden centre to see what they have in stock and ask a member of staff which ones will keep their leaves all year round. No point in going with a list of grass names only to find they don't have the particular one you are looking for.

    Bulbs. Mini daffs and crocus are great in pots and tubs and you can plant them under the flowering and foliage plants and they will pop up in spring.

  • Snowdrops!

  • Scorpion Vetch "Coronilla valentine" lovely small evergreen shrub with a profusion of scented bright yellow flowers all winter. Hardy, loves full sun but really needs positioning near the house wall to protect it from winters severest cold weather in a bad winter. I have mine by the front door and on a sunny winters day you can smell the flowers as you walk by.

    Mine has just started to flower now and it will still be flowering in late March.

  • Sarcococca (sweet box) is an evergreen shrub but you can get varying sizes that flower in winter and smell lovely - so good next to the house.  Also good in shade.

    I've got sarcococca hookeriana digyna 'purple stem' which is a nice small one.

  • Thank you everyone for the wonderful replies! Excellent suggestions, thank you. Really looking forward to a trip to the garden centre now!

  • Scorpion Vetch "Coronilla valentine"

    Photo taken on the 11th December 2016 it will still be flowering away in March


  • Thank you Cottage Compost. That's a lovely plant, but would I be able to grow it in a pot?

    I have got some cyclamen and lots of different types of violas and a few other plants that will stay green through the winter. Still haven't actually planted them yet though!

  • Thank you aym280, I really like the jasmine. I have a very small jasmine growing amongst my violas, but would like more as it's so pretty.

    I have got a pretty shrub that I've seen around, but I don't know what it's called.

  •  Scorpion Vetch "Coronilla valentine"

    Miss Kay says:

    That's a lovely plant, but would I be able to grow it in a pot?

    See original post

    Don't see why not, It may not do as well though and you may have to re-pot every couple of years.

    I think most things can be grown in a pot but require additional care and attention and re-potting now and then.

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