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Oh dear !

I have a sedum lime zinger which i planted out a couple of months ago. When i came back from holiday it had flopped and was looking rather sorry for itself. I trimmed it back as the middle looked as though it might grow. I have since read if it flops give it the Chelsea chop. I think i am a few months too early ! Will i have killed it or is there anything i can do to help it recover. Made a mental note read up before doing anything if not sure image


  • hogweedhogweed Posts: 4,053

    The Chelsea chop is done in May time. Not sure from your post when you did this? Sedums are fairly hardy plants - I am sure you will not have killed it. 

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  • Not sure what could have 'flopped'  - Sedum Lime Zinger is a low-growing and spreading ground-cover sedum.  It's pretty tough - I'm sure it'll survive as long as it has good drainage and doesn't sit in a boggy spot over winter.

    You could have used the bits you cut off for cuttings.  

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