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Everlasting Sweet Peas

Hi, I planted some seeds of Pink Everlasting Sweet Peas (harvested from my main plant) a few weeks ago to test their viability. They all came up and are now around 6" high. I'd like to keep these going over the Winter to plant out in the spring. I'm just wondering how to go about this. I have a cool greenhouse I can keep them in, or perhaps indoors. I know that they normally have a Winter dormant period but wonder if there is a way to get them larger and blooming next year? Thanks in advance. Mike.


  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 33,678

    cool greenhouse or even outside, deffo NOT indoors. They're tough as old boots. 

    A friend gave me one and it sat in a 9cm for 3 years (house move, yadda yadda ) before I planted it and it's 2.5m tall every year now it's in the ground.

  • Thanks, I'll keep some of them in the cold greenhouse and a few outside then, I know they are tough, my main plant is about 3 years old now and comes up better each year; you'd think it was dead in Winter. Mike.

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