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I have a depression in one area of the lawn c3m x 4m that I plan to remove the turf with a hired turf-cutter then build-up with top soil and re-lay the turf. 

So I have some questions for anyone who can offer any advice or comment..

- Has anyone used one of these machines before? Any right / wrong things to do / avoid? I'm guessing I want to set the depth of the cut quite deep to maintain the root structure, any recommendations on depth?

- Is now a good time to do it or should I wait for Spring?

- Anything else I'm missing?

Thanks image

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  • Dave HumbyDave Humby Posts: 1,060

    I'm guessing this is not a commonly used piece of kit on here.

    Should I just persevere with a sharp spade & half-moon edger? ....and pre-book an appointment with the physio image

  • Can't advise on turf cutters, sorry, but if the depression in the lawn is not too deep, could you not just top dress it to raise the level?  Would be far less work that lifting the turf. I had to lift 30sq m of turf by hand this year, still get twinges in my back just thinking about it!  image

    I laid new turf in July this year and have a few lumpy bits that im hoping I can sort with some sand and top soil laid on top.  image 

  • KT53KT53 Posts: 4,592

    Most turf when purchased is only an inch or so thick so you shouldn't need to set it any deeper than that other than to compensate for any dips in the ground.

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