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Ticks on hedgehogs

hi I have had hedgehogs visiting my garden for a number of years and this year I bought a hedgehog house, which does get used quite a bit. The thing is that now I can have a little look at him while he's sleeping I have noticed quite a few ticks on him. Is this normal? I haven't got the stomach to deal with taking them off though. 


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    Generally speaking is normal Sue, how many are we talking? A large amount is an indication of bad health. Be careful disturbing him/her even when asleep just in case they have a second late autumn nest of babies (this happened last year up until December here in the SE). Are you putting out cat food biscuits and water or such for your resident? image

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  • If he's out at night, feeding etc, he's probably ok. They carry many parasites normally. A problem when you're low to the ground!  It's when they're out in daylight hours that it's a sign they're not ok. They suffer from a few internal parasites which are harboured in earthworms and slugs and snails, the very food they eat, unfortunately, and numbers have dropped hugely in recent years as a result. The parasite is a killer and the poor beggars go downhill fast. 


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    A few ticks on hedgehogs are normal,not nice but normal.More than a dozen could make the hoggie aenemic.

    I have two hog houses with one in use at any one time.I can clean one thoroughly while the hoggies have a nice clean one.This hopefully stops the build up of ticks and fleas!

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  • Thanks for all your replies. Hi Mark. Not sure how many ticks are on hedgehog as I only have a quick little look now and again. But yes I make sure that there is cat food, meal worms and water. I also had a night camera given me for my birthday so I can watch him eating ?

    Hi H-C, yes only out at night, so guess he's ok. I did have three visiting last year but only the one this time. New neighbors Not very nice, when they started to make the picket fence into a solid one, my husband went out to ask if they could possibly leave a gap in the corner for the hedgehogs and they refused.

    thanks madpenguin I think I will get a second house

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    Well done Sue, you're definitely 'my type of person' going out of your way to help image shame about the neighbours, I have the same problem here!

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