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Lower Boscaswell Pendeen, Cornwall.

Have tried everything I can think of, then you guys came to mind! Anyone on here live in either of these 2 places or know anyone who does? Back in the 70s, 80s, my (late) parents had a cottage, I have one polaroid of it I could find I know there are a couple of the side view, which I havent found as yet.  It was very old, cornish stone, walls 2 feet thick, looked like how kids draw a house, 4 windows, 2 up, 2 down, door in the middle, no bathroom, loo at the bottom of the garden,chimney each end.detached, as you looked at it a telegraph pole on the right hand side.  It wasnt that far a walk to the cliff edge and the sea.  They originally used it for holidays, were then going to move into it permanently.  They sold it to Geever, I have spoken to them, nice helpfull chappie went though their archives, but couldnt find my parents name. We went to St Austell this year, went to see if I could find the cottage, but couldnt see anything like it.There was a crumbling stone wall infront of it, then a teeny road, and the garden continued over the road, separate plot.  We met a very nice lady while we were looking, (should have taken her number!) who now cleans the holiday lets, and has lived in the area all her life. She said, of course, a lot of these plots have now been sold off and built on My only remaining relative who ever stayed there, doesnt have the address either.I thought about Land Registry, BUT you can look up  the name of an owner IF you have the address, not the other way around.I expect a picture would help, no idea how to do that, maybe get my daugther to take a picture of the picture on her phone and upload on here



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    There must be a Parish Council covering that hamlet - you could write to the Secretary to see if he/she knows of any old photos of the area. 

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    Are you sure it was detached and not semi? There aren't many detached cottages in the village. I knew the area fairly well sort of early 80s but I was a child so it's a bit hazy with regard to layouts of gardens and locations of telegraph poles.

    There are two I can think of two that could fit but neither is detached and one has 4 windows that aren't perfectly symmetrical like a playschool house. Looking on Google Earth they do both have a telegraph pole close by. 

    You can get old maps on line (google that phrase) going back 100 years or so. You can view little sections for free but you have to pay to print them.

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  • Yes, deffinitely detached and no houses near by, tried google and Zoopla, no jogging of the memory I am afraid!  I did see one which is now listed as a holiday rental, one side looked like it but not the other, not sure which is the back and which is the front.  When my daughter comes round, I will get her to take a picture of my pic on her phone and put it on here.

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    Hopefully pics comming up today.  Found a few more, as you will see there is a little road next to the house, a couple of barns the other side of the road, you can see the sea. I know it was a very short walk to the cliffs and a long drop to the sea.Unfortunately, no pics of the back of the house.  The garden also continued straight infront of the house, but over the other side of this little road.  Course, these plots have been sold off now, and new houses built.


  • Have a look on Google Earth, the street view facility might show it.

  • Nanny BeachNanny Beach Posts: 6,469

    I tried that steve, but there is so much new building around the area, plus even this house would doubtless have an extension on now.

  • It reminds me very much of the cottage I grew up in over on the Lizard. The long distance between the left hand window and the end wall leads me to suspect there is (was) a deep open fireplace at that end. Ours had a Cornish range in it and when that came out, a cavernous inglenook complete with cloam oven was revealed.

    However that doesn't solve your problem!


  • Nanny BeachNanny Beach Posts: 6,469

    I know, its soooh frustrating! I keep saying to my Hubby, when we go places we should put dates and place names on the back of photos, we still dont though! I may ry St Ives Council, I have been told this is who my parents would have paid Council Tax to see if they have records, but of course, it may be records of addresses first, not names, then I will be back to square one! There was a range or anything in the kitchen when they had it, just a basic electric cooker, sitting room on the left as you look at the house, 2 bedrooms, the stairs were so low, even I at 5 feet tall had to bend down to come down them, the walls were 2 feet thick.

  • Nanny BeachNanny Beach Posts: 6,469

    That was meant to be there was NO range.

  • Nanny BeachNanny Beach Posts: 6,469

    The ceiling above the stairs was wooden planks, that what was low, I meant not the stairs!

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