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my lawn got overtaken by weeds mainly dandelions but some other stuff too. I had it all dug up to start again and lay some nice turf. But while I've been putting down some edging and gravel and had a holiday, the weeds are going crazy. If I was to dig them up again, top soil then turf are the weeds just going to grow through the turf? What can I do to help get rid of the weeds? 


  • You have to mow the lawn regularly - that's at least once a week, sometimes twice, throughout the growing season. In the spring use a Weed & Feed product as directed on the pack. There is no need to keep on returfing just to get rid of weeds. 

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    Spray the weeds you have with something like weedol  which kills only the weeds and not the soil. Or you could just hoe them off if they are little weeds. Once you have turf down, as others have suggested, a weed and feed in the spring should sort any out.

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