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Beech hedge

I have a 26 year old beech hedge, 1.2m high x 0.8m wide which has been fine until last year when the leaves on one of the trees in the hedge started to turn brown early in August, the leaves gradually all fell off before the leaves on the other trees started to turn. 

This spring all the trees in the hedge, including the one mentioned above went into leaf and were fine until 4 or 5  weeks ago when a total of 7 of the trees started to die back as noted above and the leaves are now starting to drop off.

These 7 trees are roughly a quarter of the trees in the hedge, all the remaining trees are looking fine with the leaves just beginning to take on the autumn change.

Can you give me some help in identifying this problem and if it can be cured.

Thanks, Ian


  • Mark56Mark56 Posts: 1,653

    Some leaves on my beech hedge have died early and fallen due to wooly aphids. Do you seen any fluffy white fibre on the underside of leaves? Just another thing to check in addition to water, soil quality etc. 

  • hogweedhogweed Posts: 4,053

    Are the 7 trees all together in a line? or are they dotted about in the hedge?

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  • Thanks for the feedback, the trees effected are all in a line making up a hedge of about 25 to 30 trees about 12m long. 

    The hedge is always prone to white fly in early summer but this year was a slightly better year than usual for this, I haven't noticed any wooly aphids.

    I don't think a lack of water is a problem, we've had much dryer spells than this year

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