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Lawn and Crane fly eggs

Hi, Up until 1 month ago my lawn was looking good. It was green all over. Now, one month on, and my ;lawn has many discoloured (brown) patches , some as big as 12 inches square. My neighbour told me that the patches are due to Crane fly larvae (Leatherbacks). I can treat the lawn with a nematoid treatment. I would love to hear from others with the same problem and did you treat the lawn? If so, was it worthwhile?




  • Dave HumbyDave Humby Posts: 1,142

    I've treated mine with nematodes for the first time this year after having the lawn devastated by leatherjacket grubs over the winter.

    I've just this minute come in from giving the lawn a water. You need to keep the lawn damp for two weeks after application and as we've had little or no rain down this way then it's been the job of the hose.

    Fingers crossed they will do their job this year. Over the last couple of weeks I've had large hatchings of the cranefly with the lawn being covered in leatherjacket casings this last few days.

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