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Lily bulbs

Which is the best way to storage lily bulbs in the winter. I have grown this years in a large pot,but like to replant with tulips in November. Any ideas please


  • I have asiatic lilies in a large container - we have only ever left it as it is and it always comes back. Advice from some lily specialists is to tip the pot on it's side during winter. Do you mean you want to take them out of the pot and replace with tulips? If so you need to keep the bulbs in soil - they don't like being out of the soil for too long. Or are you replanting the lilies and tulips together? If so you can lift them and put them back in with the tulip bulbs.

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    If you want to use the pot they're in, lift them and put them in a plastic one, in some old compost and tuck them somewhere for winter. Don't leave them where they'll  just dry outand shrivel up.   

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