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Lisa9Lisa9 Posts: 17

Can anyone recommend a fairly fast growing evergreen climber to reach a height of 3 metres? It will be on an east facing wall.  I need it for privacy.


  • Trachelospermum jasminoids (star jasmin) is a vigorous evergreen climber that also has lovely flowers with a lovely scent


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  • But trachelospermum may not be fast enough.  Also prefers a sheltered generally sunny site, but the wall might provide that. You may have to go down the line of acquiring an established large plant to start with as the list of rampant evergreens is short.  Hydrangea seemanii is another option.  What about a shrub that can be grown tight to the wall, IF there's planting room?  Garrya elliptica?


  • Lisa9Lisa9 Posts: 17

    Yes, i did wonder about whether the Jasmine is suited to east facing sites.

    I need something for screening quickly.  I have put shrubs in but they will take a few years to get to 3 metres.  I had to have conifers removed and am now very badly overlooked by the house behind wich is higher than mine.

  • One tall standard? Ligustrum japonicum 'Excelsum Superbum'?  Trouble is, it'll cost a bit.  Just put some in for someone, along with some elaeagnus standards which look very smart.  Added some filling shrubs (pittosporum 'Elizabeth' among others), in front to give a very effective screening result.


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