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This week it is as someone has thrown a switch and everything in the veggie garden has come to an end all at once. Runner beans,cucumbers tomatoes beetroot. Also the sweetpeas have finished and cleared ready to plant again next year. 

There is a reason for it, the weather in north cornwall has turned cold during the nights. Very heavy rain for 24 hours yesterday( i had the job of walking the dog twice and got soaked). Not wonder the plants have given up.

I cant complain has i have had a very good crop this year. 

How are you getting on with the close of season.????????


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  • raisingirlraisingirl East Devon, on the Edge of Exmoor.Posts: 3,905

    Brassicas and root veg begin to take over now, although the chard is still going strong. Runners are winding down and the courgettes have given up. I still have outdoor toms ripening though - they are growing against a west facing wall and seem happier than the ones inside, oddly enough.

    Haven't dug any salsify yet, although we're working through the carrots now. Cavolo nero has been going all summer but still very productive. The brussels and winter kale are looking good so far. We had that rain yesterday up here on Exmoor - soggy dogs here too - but we've not yet had a real autumn storm. That can take it's toll on the brussels but I hope for the best every year image

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  • Pumpkins, courgettes, sweetcorn and beans all still going strong! Winter veg really coming on now too. Completely agree with scroggin, it's from March till Late May that it's slim pickings on the allotment, we tend to eat a whole lot of greens in March and April, the odd cabbage and leek left by then, but that's about it.. Any suggestion for ideas filling this gap would be much appreciate :)

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