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Hi. I bought a beautiful Fuschias bush this year and I would love to keep it for next year.i have googled how to overwinter it but still not sure what to do.the bush is in a pot,and is starting to look a bit sorry.although there are still a number of flowers on it,the leaves have started to shrivel and it too early to start the overwintering process? Do I have to pick the leaves off as suggested on one site or can I leave the leaves to drop off themselves and then prune back in the spring.i know it has to be protected from I keep it in a greenhouse or dark shed.i live in the south west of England.thank you


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,092

    I leave mine whole and put them in an unheated greenhouse and leave them to hibernate. The upper stems will take any frosts and protect the crown. In late winter/early spring when it isn't frosty, dunk the pot in a bucket of water till no further air bubbles appear and then allow to drain completely.   Keep just moist till things warm up and shoots appear.  Cut back to these shoots and feed. Re-pot of necessary but add some fresh compost anyway.

    I have also over-wintered some indoors on a cool windowsill and these I treated as houseplants with a bit of watering and no feeding till spring.   They then get potted into fresh compost and put outside once the frosts are past.

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  • Do you know what variety it is?

  • Some fuchsias are very robust and hardy, others are tender. I live in the Chester area. (N West)

    All my fuchsias are cut down drastically to ground level after flowering and left in borders to overwinter. They come up, in great profusion, every year. Suggest you do the same but put in greenhouse or warmer spot. Don't feed or water till Spring much as Obelixx advises.

    Good luck 

  • I have about 40 Fuchsias and overwinter them in the greenhouse, when they have finished flowering I remove all the leaves and cut them back by about 50%. If you can maintain a temperature of 5 degrees or above they will put on growth over winter, which will give you bigger plants that are ideal for taking cuttings come the spring. The one shown was cut back 7 days ago.image

  • If it is in a pot dont cut it down to ground level.

  • LoanaLoana Posts: 427

    Dear gardening friends,great advice on pruning and over wintering fuschia plants. I have 4 in hanging baskets this year and they have been amazing, so with your help i will try and keep them for next year :) 

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