Couple of bulb questions

Yesterday I received the GW 'free' spring bulbs offer. I'm still working out what will go where but have a couple of questions:

1) I'd like to plant the anemone St Brigid bulbs in a largeish container. What is the best compost to use, how closely can I plant them, and should I plant them in layers or not?

2) I'm thinking about naturalising the crocus (Ruby Giant) and narcissus (Tete a Tete) in lawn. First, what's the easiest way of planting them (given that I'm not strong and have shoulder problems)? I'm happy to buy a tool if it's worth the benefits. Second, is this likely to be successful given that OH doesn't like to let the grass get too long as he claims it will then be impossible to mow easily? I'm not sure when the first cut is likely to be and whether that will give the foliage long enough to die down naturally.

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  • The crocus should not present a problem in grass unless you live somewhere really warm, as they flower in February and allowing 6 weeks for the foliage to die back  does not compromise later lawn care as it is still early to mow.

    The daffs are harder as they flower later and they have more substantial leaves that need time to die back if the bulbs are to flower again. The best plan is to allot them a space in a corner or under a tree where it is easy to mow round them. This limits the area of long grass and makes it a bit easier to tidy up after them. The dead leaves need removing and may leave a brown or yellow patch, but by then the grass is growing viogrously, so it won't last long.

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    Thank you Buttercupdays :-)

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