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Hi all, Would appreciate any help in designing this garden as i'm stuck for ideas. It's approx 40 feet long 12 feet wide.

I have done some work already (will post updated pics when i get a chance) Against the wall which is only about 4-5 foot so not very private from neighbours, i took up a narrow strip of the concrete and planted climbers on wires against the wall in upper part of the garden. I have honeysuckle, passionflower, star jasmine and a climbing rose. They actually seem to be thriving as the garden is south west facing and gets a lot of sun.

At the lower end of the garden, i just planted red robin, portuguese laurel, choisya ternata sundance, coeuntas skylark which will take sometime to grow as they were only baby plants.

I don't like the ugly concrete path but i don't think i have the energy to remove. I may just cover it in gravel. I was also thinking of installing arches for the climbing plants to grow over for more privacy or perhaps and walkway pergola along the upper part of the path.

I'm looking for ideas of what to plant along the length of the lawn or just in general how you'd create borders in this lawn to make it more attactive? Should i try and introduce curves? There is a mature privet hedge on the other boundary which is lovely and private.

I would like to also introduce a tree but not sure what to choose.

Any ideas/inspiration welcome :)




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    I would add a few curves to the lawn. I find it very difficult to be inspired by straight edges. Maybe it's the same for you.image

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    What's your soil like?

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  • Thanks all. maybe it would be possible to make the garden look like 2 circles by digging out some beds in each corner of the garden and then at each side in the centre. I hope you know what i meanimage 

    I do like the idea of an arch midway too. Originally i was going to put in a good few arches along path but thought it might be overkill. The soil is quite good. Slightly acidic.

    Any suggestions of planting in each bed? To the left  (along path) would get more sun and beside the hedge would be more shady. Never thought of painting the path. Would that be hard wearing?

  • Thank you Verdun. Some lovely plant suggestions there. I guess I will try my best to keep simple for better effect.

  • Hi again all, another updated pic below. This would be from my patio area where i have some bamboo in planters.

    My ideas so far, an arch at the beginning of path with a climbing rose or honeysuckle over it for more privacy (very overlooked from other side)

    1) Some semi circle beds on each side of the garden 

    2) A lavender/catmint hedge along length of path with borders only in each corner of the garden. I have some plants already in each corner but i might curve them some more and cover with garden bark. I could still maybe but in some semi circular beds against hedge but then this could overcrowd it.

    3) Curved bed the length of the garden on each side but this is probably overkill.

    For me, i'm swinging towards the 2nd option. The grass is not growing too well along path anyway so a lavender hedge might work well. I would add loads of grit for drainage. Have lavender in front garden already and is thriving.

    I might add another arch at the end of the garden with clematis. I also was thinking of planting something to cover ugly shed but have no idea. Self clinging hydrangea petiolaris perhaps?

    Thanks all for advice so far. Any other suggestions welcome and some plant ideas image


  • Verdun says:

    Sounds like you have thought it out well jaffacakes by the way image

    less is more can always add more curves later but take stock as each area is done.  I find I change  things slightly when "building" is under way 

    See original post

     Thank you Verdun. Sometimes i think of nothing else image Yes, i am worried about overcrowding it as i've the length of the wall already planted even though they are small yet. Maybe i will just start with one arch and consider my options from there.

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