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Planting Suggestions - Newbie

I will try to keep it short and to the point, as i know most don't like long threads :)

i am a newbie to gardening, this was my first year digging and planting an actual garden from seed,

i planted a combination of things not really knowing that much, sunflowers, corn, pumpkins, and carrots, overall i think the garden did pretty good for a newbie, despite the fact a rabbit ate some of my seedlings,

i am looking for suggestions for next year, what plants/vegetables work well together, or grow well together in the same garden, i am located in central ontario canada if that matters,

i would like to plant corn again and a few sunflowers, but other then that i dunno, the carrots did not do too well so i might scrap them next year,

so basically sunflowers, corn, and pumpkins, is that a good combination?....any other recommendations that are easy to grow for a newbie?

any advice how to keep the rabbits away?....other then a fence of course



  • raisingirlraisingirl East Devon, on the Edge of Exmoor.Posts: 3,905

    You should grow some beans - there are quite a few ones that we grow in the UK which originate in the US. I don't know enough about your climate to suggest a variety but I'm sure if you look in your local garden centre you'll find seeds for sale that will be OK there. Beans help to improve the soil fertility so will help your other plants as well as feed you. They need a frame to climb, but don't take much ground space.

    Salad leaves are easy to grow too and don't take up much room image

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  • Hi anyacolo, I'm assuming in central Ontario you get very cold winters and quite hot summers? Pumpkins are my absolute favourite crop so that sounds great! There are so many varieties available with different sizes, beautiful shapes, flavours and textures. So try some unusual ones if you have the space :) 

    When did you start off your pumpkins and sweetcorn this spring? 

    As for other crops, tomatoes will do pretty well I'd imagine, as will beans. Assuming you get very hot summer days like Toronto, I'd probably avoid growing heat sensitive plants. Lettuces for example are likely to bolt very quickly in summer, so grow these in early spring or fall. 

    Hope this helps :)

  • Stuart R says:

    Hi anyacolo, I'm assuming in central Ontario you get very cold winters and quite hot summers?See original post


    thanks for the advice,

    and to answer your question, yes winters are very cold but summers are very hot and humid, our "planting season" is pretty much from mid to end of may till end of september, during this time temps are generally anywhere from 80-95 or occassionally hotter

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