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Foxtail Lillies

do foxtail Lillies take to being grown in planters, if so, what size planter is needed ? 


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    Hi graham. I have had one growing in a large pot for several years but it is not ideal at all - as I have discovered - so it is going into the garden asap. It has produced leaves yearly but none of the beautiful flowers. Because of my ill treatment of it and its persistence in growing each year it now deserves its freedom. image

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  • I attended the Yorkshire Flower Show in Harrogate last weekend and I saw Foxtail Lillies in bloom in Pots for sale. The Seller told me that most people make the mistake of planting too deep especially in planters. She suggested that they are only planted 1inch deep, spread out with plenty of drainage. I am going to give it a try and see how I get on.

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