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Hi folks,I bought two boriensis  ridgida,they have completely different flowers both in colour and size,The pic is of both flowers side by side,the small flower one is the normal B-ridgida But the other flower is lighter and over twice as large the plants both flowered well at about 24 inches and the larger flower is a real beauty,both had identical labels on them.imageimage 


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    Verbena rigida is the smaller version of Verbena bonariensis and is more densely packed with flowers so I would say that is your paler version at the bottom of your picture and the picture of it on its own. The one at the top of your first picture looks more like the Verbena bonariensis I have growing in my garden.

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    Can we see the plants growing. 

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  • thanks for replies,i have v-bonariensis, and v rigida   both in garden and growing well,the large flowered pale plant photo is cut off the plant of the second lot of pics,it has a square stem like vebenas have and looks like a vebena ,the first time i saw it was a different flower i chopped it of to make it side shoot so i could have plenty of cuttings,it had just flowered again which was the pale chopped of pic,I have left it in a pot so i could keep my eye on it,Hope this helps,it was labelled as v-rigida,but is a much better flower than any that i have seen,imageimagesorry i have not got a better pic but it has been cut back hard twice,buts gets to about 2feet high,

  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Posts: 37,735

    Your plant is looking poorly and would be better in the ground. The purple leaves indicate a lack of nutrients (or cold temperatures). I am rather confused about which plant is which though.image

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  • hi ladybird,you are right about it looking a bit stressed,but that is the one that i cut off the large pale flower from this morning,i wont risk it it in the garden till i find out which variety it is or if it is somthing special.,the flower is so much bigger than normal.  Thanks for your replies

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    I wonder if the bottom one is Verbena 'Homestead Purple' or more likely 'Polaris', have a google image

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  • Thanks for that I think polaris is the closest yet,although not quite the right colour and there is no mention of the flower size,on my plant flowers are over twice the size of rigida and boriensis,but whatever it is it sounds as though it might not be fully hardy,I will have to take better care of it,it had suffered while we have been on holiday,(completely dried out) must have thought i am dyeing and put up that lovely flower. 

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