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Pine tree looking a bit sparse

Hello all,

I have a slow growing pine tree that's around 4 foot tall at the minute that I planted around 2 years ago.

It's always seemed to do well but over the last month or so it's started to look a bit, well, sparse. It doesn't appear to be shedding any needles but it just doesn't look as healthy as it did last year.

The only change in circumstances are there are now more / bigger plants surrounding it in the bed. However, these are all thriving as I ensure they all get regularly watered & feed them (including the pine tree) every week with phostrogen.

I've enclosed some pictures and would appreciate any comments.

Am I worrying over nothing or is there genuine cause for concern?

Thanks, as always, in advance.



  • It isn't a pine tree, it looks like Norway spruce aka Christmas tree. It won't be happy there, as it is a forest tree and would rather be in a forest. If it were happy you would have a major problem as there is no way it should be planted right up against a house wall - they can grow very fast and easily make 30 foot in only a few years, with roots to match. Give them a bit longer and the sky's the limit.

    If you want to try to keep it for a little longer you could put it in a large pot and give it plenty of water and tlc, then jettison it with thanks for a lucky escape!

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  • Really?

    Thanks very much for the warning.

    I was thinking it was due to not liking the location due to everything else doing well.

    I'll probably end up donating it to the mother in law who's got acres to plant in once everything's died down & I can get in at it.

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