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Flopping cala lillies

Hello. Can anyone tell me why my calla lilies might be all droopy and floppy? It's only been like this for the last couple of days.


They have been nicely growing from a bulb/tuber thing which we found in a pot in the spring. Now they have flopped. We have been watering, but I don't think over watering. They have been placed where they get quite a bit of sun when it's sunny (which has not been much this 'summer' lol). Should I bring them indoors?

I hope someone can suggest something to help them stand up again. Thanks in advance.



  • I should have said they were upright all this time and have suddently drooped.

  • Oh dear no one's been able to help me with this..I guess no one grows calla lilies. We have had tonnes of rain here this morning and they are now drooping even more. I need to save them!! I did find a website that suggested it could be due to overwatering. We have had a lot of rain here. I am planning to change the pot to terracotta so it may help it dry out. Thing is if I do that it will make it harder to repot if I need to do that again....image

  • Hi wakeshine I have quite a few calla lilies. They will be dying off at this time of year outside, so stop watering and let them dry out. keep them dry over winter and start watering about April. The ones I bought last year, I grew this year, got lots of leaves but I didn't get any flowers. I normally feed with tomato feed.They like it damp but not soggy.  Watching Chelsea flower show once and an exhibitor showing calla lilies did say they prefer to be on the drier side unlike the arum lily Zantedeschia  aethiopica which you can put in ponds. Hope  this helps.

  • Thank you paula.conway - this is really helpful. Did you cut the leaves off? Did you bring them inside or leave them out? Have you put them into bigger pots at any point? I don't have a GH so if brining in, need to bring them into the house.Sorry for all my questions!

    I do have some of the arum lilies actually - those were given to me in a clump and they are in the ground but not flopping.

  • Hi wakeshine , if you haven't anywhere out side to put them, bring them in, if you have room. Let them dry out and  let the leaves die back naturally. then you can either cut then off at the base or just give them a little tug and they should come away. I have put  some of mine in terracotta pots which were a little larger then the original pots they came in. Maybe this is why they haven't flowered this year, I don't really know. They do seem to flower better when a little pot bound. Plants in plastic pots generally don't need watering as much as plants in terracotta clay pots. Terracotta clay pots absorb  water. I left mine outside as I have a gazebo. Hubby built some side panels for it so a lot of my plants go in there. Space saving ideas See pic below.


  • Hi wakeshine, here's a picture of my calla lilies  that haven't flowered this year. Hopefully  they will flower for me next year.


  • Hi wakeshine, I would be interested to know if your calla lilies flowered this year as I have had 2 varieties that have flowered for several years but nothing this year. I always leave in the same pots, let them die back naturally then store over winter in the garage. In spring I replace top 2 inches with fresh compost but just leaves and no flowers this year. I have several canna lilies that have positively thrived so am a little puzzled !

  • Hi Paula..

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    Wakeshine - I keep my calla lily dry and in the dark until spring. I have a basement but you could try your carport.

    SW Scotland
  • Sorry my message has not posted initially!

    Hi Paula.. thank you so much for posting the pictures and all advice on bringing in my calla lilies and on the feeding and cutting. That is really most helpful. And wow what a display of leaves they have! I think putting them into terracotta pots is better for them and I don't see why repotting them would inhibit the growth? Thanks also for the space-saving ideas - what a lovely gazebo with side panels. I wish I had one of those! Or a greenhouse.

    Keynsham Gardener well no they did not flower this year image. These were given to us about 2 years ago and had flowers on them. Then we forgot about them and found them buried in another pot which had lilies in them back in April. We got them out and decided to pot them and see what would happen. They started to grow but as yet no flowers and now this problem with the drooping. I think they are waterlogged so am going to try repotting into terracotta pots.

    It doesn't sound like a very good year for calla lilies! Somebody else may be able to shed some light on it. I only know people with the hardy arum lily who habve all had blooms. Wonderful that you have had blooms for several years though. Thanks you for telling me what you do with yours, that is very helpful. I did not think I could over winter things in the shed or garage. I have a semicovered area, a car port, with corrugated roof letting in some light, but I always thought it would be too dark and too cold in that too. But if that works for you then maybe I could try it.

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