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Agapanthus Bulbs

Hi All

Does anyone have experience of growing agapanthus from bulbs?

They are such a lovely flower and I'd love to have some in my garden!

Also where's the best place for bulbs? Is there anywhere people can recommend?



  • Agapanthus do not grow from bulbs, but you can sometimes get them as bare root plants to plant in the spring. Peter Nyssen do a small range, other bulb merchants may do the same.

    Or you can keep a lookout for plants as they come into flower at local garden centres. I have actually bought some good plants at reasonable prices at my local B&Q!.

    Some of mine set seed which germinated well, so now I have a trayful of young plants that will allow me to experiment with their hardiness here, though you do need patience to wait for them to reach flowering size.

  • raisingirlraisingirl Posts: 6,638

    I got some from a mail order company called Avon bulbs. They sell several different varieties. I have 3 types and they are all doing well 2 years on.

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  • CloggieCloggie Posts: 1,455

    I'm pretty sure that the agapanthus that I get a magnificent display from each year by growing them in a pot that iimages a bit small for them, came from one of those B&Q bags that they sell very cheaply with the sick looking bare rooted item inside and holes in the polythene, you know the ones?  Usually 3 for £3 or something.

    That was about 10 or so years ago.

    I tried repotting it when it looked like it was outgrowing its pot and I split it into two while I was at it.  One of the splittings died but the other flowered poorly until it had gained that level of root constriction again whereby you think it must need repotting and then I get strong, chest-high amazing blooms.

    Unfortunately I must take these for granted now they're so reliable that I haven't taken a picture!  Here they are today, lovely and green with the seed heads cut off to put goodness back into the roots (following my instinct here, don't take it as fact but seems to work for me).

    Sorry I didn't have a pic in bloom.

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