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What to do with these?


Hi All

Any ideas what to do with these? Will they re-flower? Do I need to cut or anything?

Thank you


  • They look like phalaenopsis (MOTH ORCHID) and therefore, if you cut the flower stem to about two or three nodes from the bottom, with any luck they'll slowly react and produce new flower stems from the top node.


  • I leave the flower stems until they shrivel, then remove. Sometimes they reflower from the same stem, sometimes not. Cutting doesn't seem to make a differnce Mine live on a north-east windowsil where it is bright but they do not get much direct sun. Once a week or so the pots get dunked in a bowl of water until the barkchips are wet then place back in their pots when the excess water has drained away. When I can be bothered it is rain water but most the time it is just plain old liquid limestone tap water. When I remember they get a spray of ochid feed.

    They hate wet feet, the roots will start to rot. Mine tend to be rather neglected, treated more like cacti but will send up a new flower stems every 3 months or so.

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    I have been given two of these but they wouldn't be my personal choice so I just bought some of those orchid feed sticks and poked a couple in each pot.  Like Rainbowfish, I dunk mine in hard tap water about once a week and then let them drain and put them back on their north facing window sill.  Occasionally they go in the shower to get the dust off their leaves.    One is 3 years old and on its fourth flush of flowers and the other is two and on its third.  

    Once a flower stem is done, I have been cutting back to the base but have read recently about cutting them back to a node so will try that next time.

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    I have nine of these orchids. They will flower themselves out I should imagine eventually .. I water and feed each week.apart from a couple of month a year they are blooming. Just counted flowers on one , thirty flowers.. I cut some back to a node ..others I leave ###

    They will flower again usually .

  • Thanks all 

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