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I bought a potted rose in July from B&Q, supposedly the climbing rose New Dawn which has the palest pink flowers. It's just produced a couple of buds and one bright pink flower and although very pretty most certainly isn't New Dawn.

Can anyone ID this rose please as I have no idea if it's even a climber. I've been looking on the David Austin website but nothing seems to quite match. 




  • Thanks Hortico i'll keep looking for a match.

    Lesson learned for me, plant labelling isn't always right. On the positive side I have a lovely pink rose to squeeze into my garden once I know what it is and I get to go rose shopping again for New Dawn image

  • B3B3 Posts: 24,450

    Also watch out for faded labels.I thought I was buying a pale pink climber. It turned out to be bright scarlet. I've got used to it -  I thinkimage

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  • B3 quite the surprise I'm sure!

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