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can we leave the cacti thru the winter in a conservatory 


  • Yes. Most commonly available cacti will tolerate temperatures below freezing, provided the soil is bone dry, so a conservatory will be more than warm enough. Don't water them in Autumn or Winter though, they like a dry, dormant period in Winter to trigger flowering in Spring/Summer.

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    I stop watering mine at the end of September and start again in March.

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    On a similar theme and apologies if I'm hi-jacking, I'll start a new thread if you want me to but your question made me think....

    Is anyone growing insect eating tropical plants in their conservatories and if they do, how do they overwinter them?  I'm thinking venus fly-trap and that one with the sticky white globulous leaves.

    Ours have done great but we only bought them this year so not sure what to do now the weather is turning.

  • I have a Venus Fly trap, some Saracenias and some Sundews, but they live outdoors all year round - they are hardy and not tropical. FlyTraps and Saracenias come from the USA, and some species of Sundew are native to Britain.

  • Thank you for your reply about my cactus .

    As I am a novice at gardening I have a money plant that is very leggy not losing leaves ..It has plenty of sunlight . Do I treat it as a succulent and cacti don't water it thru the winter etc .

  • The money plant is a fairly typical succulent. Here is some advice. 

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