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Rambling rose

This rose, I can't find its name, flowered beautifully in early summer and has developed rose hips. We have cut back the hedge behind it and now I don't know whether to cut the rose down and if so, by imageimagehow much, or should I just tie the whippy branches to the trellis. Can someone advise me please. 


  • sanjy67sanjy67 Posts: 1,007

    hi i have climbing roses and a rambling rose, climbing roses flower on new growth, rambling roses on old wood, so if you cut it back you will lose flowers for next year, i would tie in horizontally if possible any long branches and cut out any crossing branches and diseased or damaged ones, an expert may be along to advise but that is what monty said on gardeners world :)

  • Thanks Sanjy, I've tied it back horizontally to the trellis and cut the very long lengths (. they were about 12 ft long)  back by a couple of foot.  This was bought as a climbing rose...obviously mis labelled. image

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