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How do I look after this bamboo?

I bought two of these (what I think are) fargesia clump forming bamboo's - first photo shows what they looked like on arrival about  year ago and second photo shows what they look like after doing nothing to them (apart from feeding/watering).

Do they look okay?  I can't find much info on whether they need cutting back or anything ....

As always any advice given is very much appreciated ... I've noticed some of the leaves go slightly yellow.


bamboo when bought


as it looks now



  • Thanks guys, I think I DID use John Innes for the bamboo's - Just found an old bag of it in the garage and can't think of using it for anything else that i have, I'm normally pretty careful about looking up what soil plants like.  They are quite tall now, those pots are quite high but it does look rammed in now.  Will keep my eye out for some larger pots - they are SO expensive.

    I wish I could find someone with more knowledge than myself (and believe me, that wouldn't take much) to pop round and look at all my pots/borders and give me a quick 'how to' on caring for them, there is tons of information on how to plant/position etc but not much on what to do afterwards, I'm wondering if the plant sellers assume you know what you are doing lol.  I've got books but find it hard to understand what they mean at times.

    Again, many many thanks for your help.



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