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I have a gravel covered car park at my shop. i would point out I rent and do not own the premises. I am constantly trying to keep it clear of weeds. I have tried weedkillers to no avail. I am considering a membrane OR

Sow peppermint as a carpet cover, which will release fragrance when driven on. Is this expensive ? What is the best way for maximum cover ? etc etc

I would welcome any help




  • Alina WAlina W Posts: 1,445

    I don't think that mint would tolerate being driven on. Your best bet would be a water-permeable weed suppressant membrane under the gravel, I would have thought.

  • raisingirlraisingirl Posts: 6,641

    There are a few plants that will cope with being walked on - thyme and chamomile are the usual choices - but they won't survive being frequently driven over. Any plant that can survive that must be exceptionally tough and therefore exceptionally vigorous and therefore inclined to become a weed. 

    Having said that, if you were to plant apple mint, creeping thyme, some vinca, and wild flowers like ox-eye daisies and field poppies around the edges where the cars don't actually drive, they may well hide the more common weeds to make something more attractive. They will naturally 'fill in' the parts that don't get traffic and will not mind people walking over them from their cars. You may find people are a bit put off though and confused about where they are 'allowed' to walk. 

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