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Please help! I'm really struggling with planting the borders around my new circular lawn. At the bottom left is shady and wet (hence the ferns), the rest of the left side gets some sun. The right had side gets the most sun. I've planted some things along with lots of climbers the adorne the fences. I just would love somebody to tell me what plant where for an 'instant' filled garden. I've also planted buxus along the patio to create a small mini hedge (to separate patio and border starting). I just find it hard knowing what to put where. Any help / planting plans would be appreciated :) 

Once all areas are planted I'll put down slate chippings. The top area is decking as its a sun trap. I have lavender along the gap between shed and deck. Virginia creeper on back fence, clematis and Passion flower on right hand fences. Pyracantha on left fences. I just want the borders to be full and bursting. Thankyou in advance for any help. 



  • That looks lovely James, the area to the left looks shady and sheltered, and crying out for one of the deep red Japanese maples, bloodgood or something similar, other than that, I wouldn't put anything too tall in there, to spoil the view.

  • Thankyou. I've got a Japanese maple there at the moment. Do you think i need more then? Yes I definatley want low lying plants; nothing too big. Id like the borders full though...

  • JudyNJudyN Posts: 119

    I'm (not an expert in the slightest but) thinking hardy geraniums and alchemilla mollis. Or have a look at the borders here for ideas: This is my absolute favourite garden ever and what mine will look like one day (if I can stop buying orange things....).

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    JudyN says:

    I'm (not an expert in the slightest but) thinking hardy geraniums and alchemilla mollis. 

    See original post

    I agree and I'd add geums for a splash of brights and maybe hebes if you want some evergreen interest. Both come in a wide variety of sizes and colours.

    I have geranium Rozanne which is one of the easiest plants to grow, is completely smothered in blue flowers that bees love from June to well into autumn (still in full flower now). In my garden its bigger than it said on the blurb. Mine is about 3 years old and around 4 feet in diameter (about a foot high). It disappears completely in Winter and is later than some other hardy geraniums to get going in spring so I have lots of spring bulbs under it image

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  • I don't realli want it to be bare in the winter if possible ?

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    Hi James, what you have done so far is brilliant and I have read from your profile that it is your first garden image

    First thought I had would be to widen the path.  And edge with lavenders.  The box plants I would plant around the edge of the circle of the lawn.  

    do you have colour theme or style of bed that you are thinking of?

    I think contemporary planting would suit what you have started so far image

  • Beaus MumBeaus Mum Posts: 3,550

    another idea would be to shape the box into cubes or balls and have within the beds and then plant evergreen plants but keep to just a few different types like lavenders, Rosemary, thymes, blue grass, pink hebe etc

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  • Thankyou everyone for your help x

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