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hi I'm looking to plant something at the front of my house to last through the winter into next year. The problem with the particular area is that it isn't very deep due to paving running underneath the soil. I'm hoping to get to the garden centre today to get something. I love anything colourful and nothing too high as its along the pathway. The main thing is that it lasts now until next year.



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    Hi Natalie. I'm not sure what you mean about 'paving running underneath the soil'. If the soil is very shallow you might be better with a largish tub. You could have a small box and winter flowering pansies, primulas and small Spring flowering bulbs.

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  • Ladybird and verdun are right , I'd dig out a few inches of soil lay landscape membrane and chippings then put planters or pots on top, I'd mix it up with a few ever green plants then inter plant with Spring bedding.

  • Thank you everyone I hadn't even thought about digging the soil out but that may be a good shout!! 

  • imageThis is the soil, I planted heather in there last year

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  • image

  • imagethe flowers on the bottom right of this photo have been in all summer but I've pulled them out today as they had died off 

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