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Agapanthus from seed

I would like to try sewing some seeds from my agapanthus plant. Would I keep the sewn seeds indoors or outside (I haven't got a greenhouse). Can anyone help please.


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    I would keep your sown seeds inside. It will be a few years before you get a flowering sized plant. Good luck! image

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    I sowed some a few years ago and gave several babies to a friend and kept the rest in my own greenhouse.  Mine all perished as that winter was very cold but my friend's survived and he gave me one back last year so I now have a flowering baby.

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  • It's easy - there are quite a few threads about growing them from seed if you use the search box.

    Type in "agapanthus from seed". image

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  • Thanks for the replies everyone, I'll hopefully have lots of new agapanthus plants in a year or two.

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