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Shrub identification

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First post (of many, I'm sure), so be gentle.

I was just wondering what this shrub is that the developers have planted in my front garden?  There are a couple of these things.....




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    And if anybody can also let me know what these two are it would be appreciated.  Assume they're standard - low maintenance - shrubs that many developers use, but they don't appear to be the most exciting...

  • First one looks like a Fatsia japonica to me. Quite an architectural plant, evergreen at least in my garden (south), will  need space

    Second photo: at back is an Eleagnus maculata, front plant is spotty laurel, Aucuba japonica

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    the next 2 are a variegated Eleagnus ebbingii and in front Aucuba japonica.

    and I wouldn't have put those 2 variegated ones together.

    and there isn't really room for both of them there.

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    In the sticks near Peterborough
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    God bless you Nutcutlet and Nutcracker.....


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