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hi, another question about my echinacea image, but it goes for a lot of my current plants.  We've had quite a long dry spell and my plants look as though they are drying up and dying. Now I know they will die back in Autumn but shouldn't I be seeing some new growth at the bottom coming through? Don't know whether to dig them up or cut them back and see if they come up again next year




  • Ah - does that mean the flowering will be prolonged if the dead flowers are cut off? Not quite sure what you meant Verdun! Also, is it too late now? Some of mine have well and truly gone over whereas others are just beginning to. Greater clarification needed please!

  • PosyPosy Posts: 3,601

    If your plants are newly planted it is important to water them during very dry spells because if they are weakened or they die you will have wasted your money buying them in the first place. I have not mentioned kindness to plants or anything sentimental like that. When I say newly planted, I mean in their first year, but I would try to water anything that threatened to droop.

  • Papi JoPapi Jo Posts: 3,737

    JAC51 "Now I know they will die back in Autumn but shouldn't I be seeing some new growth at the bottom coming through?"

    It depends on the kind of perennial herbaceous plants. Some will completely disappear in Winter and re-appear in the Spring. Others will start a little bit of new growth before the "bad season". Finally others will keep most of their foliage all through.

    And for some plants it also depends on your climate.

    Anyway I shouldn't worry about your Echinaceas. They have finished flowering, but they are not dead.

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  • I agree with the above post.  They do look like they need a lovely drink of water.

    Echinacea are known for looking like they've disappeared or like they are completely dead year on year.  You might find they look like they have died right back later in the year.  So I wouldn't expect them to get some additional growth now.  But don't give up on them, they do reappear.

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