Can anyone tell me if microclover will kill white clover please?? I am quite happy to have clover in lawn but not the flowers, I have a very inquisitive Chihuahua who had to be rushed to vet with bee sting! Help!!!! 


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    If you have clover in the lawn, it will flower much as it would elsewhere.  If it is a problem, you need to dig it out. If it is only a small lawn, then hand digging and disposal would be the way to go.  I believe there are weed killers which will eradicate it without killing the surrounding grass but not too sure.  Wait a while and someone with expertise will help you out on this I am sureimage

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    If you mow regularly it can't flower.  

    Then use Evergreen 4 in 1 in the spring - it should kill the clover 

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  • I have quite a large garden so hand digging is not possible, I started to do it but after 2 weeks I had only managed a tiny patch :( As I say I'm happy to have clover present just not the flowers! I heard microclover does not flower as much which is why I was considering this option. Unfortunately my little Chihuahua has not learned her lesson! 

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    What is microclover?

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    I was puzzled too LB so I had a Google. It seems to be a type of clover with tiny leaves which is used on it's own as an alternative lawn, or in a grass seed mix to boost nitrogen levels. Judging by the price of seed in dollars and some of the youtube videos I think it's an american thing. 

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    Thank you Kitty. I'd never heard of it. I wondered if it was suckling clover.

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    A quick google allic01 shows that microclover "Trifolium repens L.var. pirouette" is basically the same plant as white clover "Trifolium repans" just smaller so I don't think it will kill off your existing one. 

    As Dove has already said if you mow frequenty it won't get a chance to flower and if it's too much to hand weed use a weedkiller to get rid.

  • Thank you all for your replies. I did think it was the same but as you say with smaller leaves. I'm quite happy to keep it so I will keep up with the mowing & a daily hunt for the flowers!! My lil lady needs to learn bees are not playmates!! Happy gardening people ;) 

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