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At present I have a national company visiting my house to treat my lawn 4 times a year at £15 per go. All they seem to do is to do an odd spray of weed killer and spread some fertiliser granules. Can anyone recommend similar products I can use myself to reduce the costs?



  • Papi JoPapi Jo Posts: 3,994

    Strange question! You can find such products in any garden center. Do you never go there?

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  • YviestevieYviestevie Posts: 7,063

    I use a similar company and my lawn has never looked so good.  I was always quite diligent about looking after the lawn but never seemed to get it looking how I wanted it.  I think that if I bought the products I wouldn't be much in pocket as they can be quite expensive. 

    As Papi Jo says pop into your local nursery and seek advice.

    I know lots of people on the forum prefer 'the natural look' and are against using such products so I suspect we will get quite a few comments on this.

    Hi from Kingswinford in the West Midlands
  • Thanks all for your replies so far. In my experience, the local DIYs, garden stores and garden centres are not much help as they just seem to want to sell you the most expensive product they stock without offering specific advice, hence the reason for the post in the first place.

  • Magnum, if you want a recommendation - I use Evergreen 4 in 1 lawn treatment in the spring. You can even buy it in Tesco and Asda nowadays. It kills off moss and weeds and feeds the grass.  Use it carefully according to the instructions for amounts etc, and when to apply and when to water etc, and it will be fine.  

    The moss will turn black - that is to be expected - then you rake it out, either by hand with a spring tine rake or you can buy an electric lawn rake and scarifier.

    I' have one of these 

    It's a shame - a fortnight ago it was on offer for £49.  

    Hope that helps image

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  • I pay a lot more than you, Magnum: 40 quid, four times a year. I did stop using the company for a while last year, but in the period between making that decision and getting them back, the lawn visibly deteriorated. My lawn knowledge is improving all the time, so next year I may have another go at doing it myself. I've recently scarified, using the same machine that Dove recommends above ( and I got it for 49 quid, phew) and although the lawn currently looks like its been used for grenade throwing practice by the SAS, I know it'll benefit in the end. image

    One other reason why I went back to the lawn company was that they told me that the treatments they use are not available to the general public and have to be licensed for use. Whether that's true or not, or is just sales blurb I don't know.  

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  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 53,955

    I find B&Q's products every bit as good as Scott's, who make Evergreen etc. It's just a chemical formula after all. 

    I think it's easy to get a bit hung up over these things. Unless you want a perfect bowling or putting green, grass just needs some basic requiremenets to look healthy and be suitable for most people in their garden. Regular mowing, drainage,  light and water are the main ones. image

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  • bulkerbbulkerb Posts: 258

    Well I have to say if you have a contractor coming to your home for £15 well I'm not sure but I would be there around 5 minuets at that price no wonder your lawn looks rubbish.

    It's travel then time then products does he wear a stetson hat and spurs for 15 pounds sorry to sound harsh but for me something does not add up

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